Some rules are made to be broken β€” just ask Molly, and her helpful brother Marco.

Together, they’re not taking “no-no” for an answer.

Credit: Carolyn Warmm

Molly and Marco were adopted byΒ Carolyn Warmm as puppies a few years agoΒ β€” and that, coincidentally, was about the time their mischievous streak began. Molly, the darker of the two, is usually the one to take the lead.

“Marco has a softer personality whereas Molly is more headstrong,”Β Warmm told The Dodo. “They do things together since they were born and have never been apart.”

Warmm often takes Marco and Molly to work with her. As a rule, she keeps them from running all over with the help of a little fence at her door. While that certainly sounds reasonable enough, Molly evidently views the fence as an obstacle to overcome. And, in one memorable instance, she did just that with the help of her brother.

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