Having a party? Need some sick rap beats to get the ladies shaking dat ass and the guys dabbing the shit out of everything? Check out some of the best vegan rap, hip-hop and grime cuts to make any event lit af!

Grey – Vegan Thanksgiving

You all know this one. Grey’s viral freestyle went so crazy we ended up with a full music video and full length banger!

Disl – I’m A Vegan

Disl goes in hard with a flow so powerful even the most hardest steak eater will be munching down on a falafel wrap by the end of it. Pass the chilli sauce bro!

KRS One – Beef

If you don’t know this classic where have you been? Rap legend and Vegan Gains’ outro classic laying down the facts!

Udder Chaos vs The Real JPM – Cow (Lethal Bizzle Pow Remix)

What happens when you goto Vegfest and then Eskimo Dance in the evening? A remix of Lethal Bizzle’s β€˜Pow’ that’s what!

Chokeules – 40 Year Old Vegan

Chokeules brings that old school flow while hanging out with some absolute legends. Big up the farm-yard crew!

JME – Pulse 8

Grime’s finest, JME, spits some plant based lyrical fire in this opening track from his latest album β€˜Integrity>’. SICK!

John Sakers – Don’t Insult

And to finish off we have to include this absolute belter. The most legendary vegan rap meme of them all . You go John!

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